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Even under normal circumstances, making sure your finances are secure is a difficult task. With everything that’s going on now, people are worried about finding work and paying their bills. Many businesses are temporarily closing down, leaving people without a job. 

So, how can you work from home to help earn extra cash in these trying times? Here are some ideas from

  • There are a number of online sites that allow you to teach online courses. Whether you’re a licensed English teacher, or you just love to knit and want to share your skill with others, you can earn money teaching classes from your home.
  • If you write a blog, run a YouTube page, or have your own website, you can use clickable ads to earn extra revenue.
  • If you’re a skilled writer, you can earn money on your own time, from your own home, as a freelance writer. Many companies hire writers to create the content for their websites, blogs, etc.
  • Many people earn money from their social media accounts. Influencers, or those with a large following on social media sites, often earn sponsorships from a variety of companies.
  • There are also a number of apps and reward credit cards that allow you to earn cash back on your everyday purchases.

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