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At Craft Law Offices, we help our clients with bankruptcy, traffic violations, and underage drinking citations. If you have a teenager or young adult in your life, it’s important to talk to them about the dangers of underage drinking. Not only does underage drinking come with legal consequences, it can be dangerous as well.

So, how can you broach such an uncomfortable, but important, topic with the teens in your life? Here are some tips to help you address the topic of underage drinking with your loved ones:

  • Be open and honest with your teens about the consequences of underage drinking, both legal, mental, and physical. State the facts and provide the opportunity for your teens to respond.
  • Encourage your teen to ask you questions about underage drinking or voice concerns that they may have.
  • Do not keep alcohol in places where your children can access it.
  • Get to know your children’s friends and keep up with where they’re going and who they’re spending their time with.
  • Set an example for your children about responsible drinking habits, by either abstaining or by drinking responsibly. That way, when they become of legal age, they will have a model to follow.
  • Do not provide alcohol to anyone who is underage. If you are at an event where alcohol is being served and there are underage attendees, monitor those under your care to make sure they do not drink.

For more tips about discussing underage drinking with youth, visit NIAAA’s site on underage drinking.

If you or a loved one receives an underage drinking citation, call the attorneys at Craft Law Offices in Greenville, NC for legal representation.