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With Memorial Day on Monday, many people are taking advantage of the long weekend and taking a trip. In North Carolina, the highways are packed on weekends like these, with families headed to the beautiful beaches or mountains that our state has to offer.
If you plan to hit the road this afternoon and make your way towards a Memorial Day vacation, be sure to drive safely and follow these highway driving safety tips from Allstate:

  • One of the most obvious and important driving tips is to follow the speed limit. Keep in mind as well, that with heavy traffic this weekend, you actually have to drive below the speed limit in order to keep a safe distance from other cars on the road.
  • It’s important to keep a safe distance between your car and others on the highway. Don’t tailgate other cars, even if they are driving below the speed limit. Any sudden stops when tailgating could lead to a nasty accident and multiple car pile-up.
  • If you’re on the highway, that means that you have to share the road with semi-trucks. Don’t follow any semi too closely or cut them off. Also be mindful of a semi driver’s many blind spots; as a general rule, if you cannot see their side mirrors, the driver cannot see you.
  • When you’re on the highway, you should stay in the right lanes unless you plan to pass a car. The left lane should only be used for passing, and using this lane to cruise can cause traffic incidents.

At Craft Law Offices, we hope that you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend safely and responsibly. For bankruptcy attorneys in Greenville and Wilson, NC, give us a call.