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If you live and work in North Carolina, it’s important to understand the traffic laws in our state. While traffic violation cases are common, they can be prevented! At Craft Law, we believe it’s a good idea to hire a professional attorney to handle your traffic law violations, and we can help. Leslie Craft focuses on traffic violation cases of all sizes throughout Pitt, Nash, Edgecombe, and Wilson counties.

As in any state, there are many traffic laws citizens are required to abide by. These laws include those regarding parking, headlights, turns, traffic crashes, littering while driving, cell phone use while driving, safety belts, driving while impaired, and many more. Here are a few common traffic violation cases and how to avoid them.

Headlights are required while driving from sunset to sunrise, or when light conditions restrict visibility to 400 feet or less. When you use your windshield wipers, you must always have your headlights on as well. Right turns at a red light are permitted after a complete stop unless otherwise posted. However, left turns at a red light are never permitted.

Traffic crashes must be reported to the nearest law enforcement officer or agency if they involve death or if the personal injury or property damage is $1,000 or more. Failure to report a crash that fits these guidelines could result in prosecution or suspension of a license.

According to NC’s Fender Bender Law, drivers must move their vehicles to the shoulder of the road following minor, non-injury wrecks. This will help keep traffic flowing and also reduce the chance of secondary wrecks. Failing to move a crashed vehicle to the shoulder in this situation could result in a fine and court costs.

The Move Over Law states that drivers must move over one lane (or slow down if changing lanes is impossible) when passing wreckers and emergency vehicles that are stopped on a highway shoulder. Failure to move over (or slow down) can result in a fine.

Many tickets have been given recently because of cellphone use while driving. According to this law, in North Carolina, drivers under 18 are prohibited from using a mobile phone while driving. The exception to this rule is emergencies and when talking to a parent. Violators of this law pay a fine. All drivers (of any age) are prohibited from reading or writing any messages while the vehicle is moving, including text messages and emails.

From speeding tickets and safety belt violations to traffic light and stop-sign violations, Attorney Craft can handle it all. Contact us today if you are in need of an experienced North Carolina traffic lawyer who will fight for you!