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Craft Law Offices are bankruptcy attorneys serving Eastern North Carolina, including Greenville, NC and Wilson, NC. We specialize in traffic law, underage drinking citations, and assisting you during the bankruptcy process. It is our philosophy to make your bankruptcy experience as stress-free as possible.
As attorneys, we represent clients who have received underage drinking citations. Drinking underage is a dangerous practice, and one that we strongly discourage. There are good reasons why the legal drinking age begins at 21 and not sooner.
Here are some facts about underage drinking from

  • The average age for a teen’s first drink is 14, and nearly 2/3 of high school and middle school students know peers who drink underage.
  • Underage drinking kills more teenagers than drug use. In fact, one person dies every week in North Carolina as a result of underage drinking.
  • Not only can underage drinking led to death, it can also open the doorway for other dangerous behaviors such as illegal drug use, unprotected sex, and violence.
  • Underage drinking also leads to a higher risk of developing mental health issues as an adult such as depression and suicide.
  • Scientific studies show that the human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. That means that underage drinking can impair the development of the brain. It also means that a teenager’s brain isn’t developed enough to make responsible decisions when it comes to drinking.

Underage drinking is a danger practice that comes with physical, mental, and legal consequences. If you find yourself with an underage drinking citation and in need of legal guidance, contact us at Craft Law Offices in Wilson, NC.