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Craft Law Offices are bankruptcy attorneys serving Eastern North Carolina, including Wilson, NC. We specialize in traffic law, underage drinking citations, and assisting you during the bankruptcy process. It is our philosophy to make your bankruptcy experience as stress-free as possible.
The holiday season is a time of gift giving and gatherings with friends and family. Often times, those holiday parties we attend include alcoholic beverages. If you plan to attend a party where you will be drinking, be sure that you have a ride lined up to get you home safely.
This time of year is when some of the highest rates of drunk driving occur across the country. In fact, according to, an average of 300 people die each year due to drunk driving in the week between Christmas and New Year’s alone.
The solution to this problem is simple: don’t drink and drive. With readily available and convenient transportation services such as Uber and Lyft, there is no reason to drive if you have been drinking. If these don’t seem like viable options to you, you can always make sure that there is a designated driver in your group of friends, or that you make arrangements to stay at your host’s home for the night.
Drinking while driving often leads to driving citations, especially during the holiday season when extra checkpoints are set up as a precaution. Even worse, drunk driving leads to hundreds of deaths each holiday season. In December 2016 alone, 781 people lost their lives to drunk driving. So, be safe and be smart: don’t drink and drive.
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