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One of the biggest keys to your financial success is maintaining a strong credit score. Your credit score can affect the kind of loans that you get, your ability to rent or buy property, and even getting hired for a job.

Here are some key things you should know about your credit score from

  • A good credit score is considered to be anything above 700.
  • These are the 5 most important factors that influence your credit score: “(in order of importance) payment history, credit utilization, average credit age, account mix and inquiries.” So, to improve your credit score, you need to focus on these 5 elements, especially your payment history.
  • Checking your credit score does not negatively impact it. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your credit score to see if any drastic changes occur, which could be due to identity theft. Only “hard inquiries” by banks and lenders will have an effect on your score, and it’s only a small one.
  • If you have any student loans, be sure to make all of your payments on time; this will have a positive impact on your credit score.

If you want to get the best interest rates you can, it’s time to start focusing on building good credit and improving your credit score. Over your financial lifetime, this can save you a lot of money.
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