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Craft Law Offices are bankruptcy attorneys serving Eastern North Carolina, including Greenville, NC. We specialize in traffic law, underage drinking citations, and assisting you during the bankruptcy process. It is our philosophy to make your bankruptcy experience as stress-free as possible.
As bankruptcy attorneys, we often meet clients who have heard some common bankruptcy myths that just aren’t true, and we are here to tell you what you should and should not believe about bankruptcy.
Many people are hesitant to file for bankruptcy because they think that once they do, their financial life is over: that all of their belongings will be taken away, that they’ll never be able to get a loan again, and that bankruptcy is a last-ditch effort for the completely desperate with no options left. However, filing for bankruptcy can actually be the best financial decision for your situation and filing does not mean that your life is over.
Most of the time, filing for bankruptcy does not mean that you will lose your home or your car. In fact, both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can most often continue to make mortgage and car payments as usual. When it comes to getting a loan, you can be eligible for a loan as soon as two years after you file for bankruptcy.
While filing for bankruptcy is never anyone’s goal, it can sometimes be the best option for you. Some people try to avoid bankruptcy at all costs, thinking that they can somehow pay back all of their debts. However, they tend to dig themselves deeper into debt than ever before. So, if you debt equates to more than 50% of your annual income, bankruptcy is probably the most viable option for you. In fact, filing for bankruptcy is a fresh start for many who feel that they are buried in a pile of debt that they will never be able to escape.
If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy and in need of professional, legal advice, call the bankruptcy attorneys at Craft Law Offices in Greenville, NC for a free consultation.