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Craft Law Offices are bankruptcy attorneys serving Eastern North Carolina, including Greenville, NC. We specialize in traffic law, underage drinking citations, and assisting you during the bankruptcy process. It is our philosophy to make your bankruptcy experience as stress-free as possible.

As bankruptcy attorneys, we are well aware that identity fraud and other money scams can be detrimental to your wallet and your credit score. So, this holiday season, as you shop online and in stores for those perfect gifts, be careful not to step right into a holiday scam.
According to Better Business Bureau, there are a number of common holiday scams out there. Here are some of them as well as ways to avoid them:

  • You’re probably used to getting those promotional e-mails from various companies, telling you about sales and special prices. However, what many people don’t know is that scammers use these types of e-mails to lure people into look-alike websites that steal your financial information. So, before you click on any e-mail links, look closely at the e-mail address as well as the website’s URL.
  • If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen some posts about holiday gift exchanges, where you purchase one gift in exchange for dozens of others. Don’t fall for these scams.
  • Unfortunately, some scammers take advantage of people’s generosity this time of year by pretending to be a charity. If you receive asking for a charitable donation from an organization you’ve never heard of, you can verify the charity at
  • The holiday season is often a popular time to purchase pets as gifts for those little ones. However, some people post phony ads for puppies and cats. So, before you send anyone money, do some research to see if the seller is a verified breeder and if the images they are posting are actually theirs.

It’s the time of year for gift giving and generosity. Unfortunately, it is also the time of year where scammers are the most active. So, be careful out there when you are making your holiday purchases. And, if you happen to get yourself in a financial jam, contact our bankruptcy attorneys at Craft Law Offices in Greenville, NC.