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Craft Law Offices are bankruptcy attorneys serving Eastern North Carolina, including Greenville, NC. We specialize in traffic law, underage drinking citations, and assisting you during the bankruptcy process. It is our philosophy to make your bankruptcy experience as stress-free as possible.

At Craft Law Offices, we strive to make the legal process as pain-free as possible for you. We do this in multiple ways.
One way that we try to help you is by being available in multiple locations. In fact, we have three locations in Eastern, NC including offices in Greenville, Morehead City, and Rocky Mount, NC.
Another way that we try to remove the stress from the legal process is through our online resources. On our website, we offer answers to frequently asked questions, various legal resources, and access to the necessary intake forms. Along with these online resources, we also give you the option to pay online for your convenience.
Along with being available to you in multiple physical locations, as well as online, we also try to remove the stress from the legal process through our legal philosophy. When people think of bankruptcy, traffic violations, or underage drinking charges, they often get overwhelmed and stressed. They don’t know what to do or where to turn to resolve their issues. Luckily, our firm is here to help with our legal expertise and our helpful attitudes.
If you are experiencing legal complications, in or around Greenville, NC, call us at Craft Law Offices for a free consultation– just another way that we are there for you!