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Property List

Bankruptcy – Property List

The Bankruptcy Code requires ALL property to be listed on the petition. This list is designed to start the tallying process, but think outside this list also. In most circumstances, people get to keep all their property.

  1. Real Estate – houses, land, commercial property, condominiums, timeshares, life estates, heir property. This includes property in your name and property not in your name that you have an interest in.
  2. Cash
  3. Bank Accounts including checking, savings, CD’s… (even if the balance is $0, even if your name is on an account that is your child’s, parent’s etc…)
  4. Security Deposits (utility, apartment, etc)
  5. Household Goods – furniture, electronics, appliances.
  6. Books, pictures, movies, art, collectibles, records
  7. Clothing
  8. Furs & Jewelry
  9. Sports, Photography, Musical, Hobby Equipment & Firearms
  10. Insurance Policies
  11. Annuities
  12. Education IRA’s
  13. IRA’s, 401K, Profit Sharing, & Pensions
  14. Stocks & Business Interests
  15. Interests in Partnerships or Joint Ventures
  16. Bonds
  17. Accounts Receivables
  18. Alimony or Child Support Owed to You
  19. Tax Refunds or Other Money Owed to You
  20. Life Estates, Future Interests, & Equitable Interests
  21. Interests in the Estate of Decedent or Life Insurance or Trust
  22. Any Other Claims You Have – Social security Back pay, workman’s comp, class action lawsuits, car accident cases…
  23. Patents, Copyrights, & Intellectual Property
  24. Licenses Franchises
  25. Customer Lists
  26. Cars, Trucks, Trailers, & Accessories
  27. Boats, motors, & Accessories
  28. Aircraft Accessories
  29. Office equipment & Supplies
  30. Machinery, Fixtures etc… (used for business purposes)
  31. Inventory
  32. Animals
  33. Crops
  34. Farming Equipment & Implements
  35. Farm Supplies, Chemicals & Feeds

Why Happens if I Hide Property from My Eastern North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney? 

If you are tempted to hide some of your property for fear you will lose it during the bankruptcy process, you might want to think again. Everything on your property list is relevant to your case and will protect your family in the long run. After all, your papers are signed under a penalty of perjury. If you are caught hiding information or property, your case can be dismissed. Missing one or two items by accident on your paperwork is not what will get you in trouble. It is missing so many items it seems intentional. Ensure your papers are filed correctly by informing your bankruptcy attorney of all property you own.